Cheater is a snowboard designed around our most current ideas with a tighter sidecut and a new nose profile combined with a super short semi swallow tail. Three layers of rubber dampening, just as in Pipeliner, make for a ride smooth as butter on hardpack. The nose rocker makes turning easy and creates float in powder. The performance core offers torsional stiffness for superb edgehold.

Here's a short presentation of the Cheater :

Note that stated price includes sales tax. If you live outside EU (USA, Norway, Switzerland, etc) choose the taxfree export price when ordering your board!

Length: 5'8
Waist: 255 mm
Tip width: 319 mm
Tail width: 303 mm
Radius: 9,5 meter
Effective edge: 1400 mm
Setback: 50 mm
Stance: 540 mm
Core: Ash/poplar
Construction: Triax glass with carbon torsion rods
Topsheet: Bamboo
Profile: Camber with nose rocker. Semi swallow tail
Base: 5920 Electra base